10 ऐसे पल जब सानिया मिर्ज़ा को कपड़ों के कारण होना पड़ा शर्मिंदा !!


सानिया मिर्जा जल्द ही हम सबको टीवी पर नज़र आने वाली हैं। सानिया मिर्जा अपनी अच्छी दोस्त परिणीति चोपड़ा के साथ टीवी शो “यारों की बारात” में नज़र आने वाली हैं और माना जा रहा है कि इस शो में सानिया मिर्जा एक अलग… Continue Reading

इस बांग्लादेशी एक्ट्रेस की ये 16 तस्वीरें आपको दीवाना बना देंगी। यकीन नही तो खुद देख लीजिये।


The Ravishing Bengali actress Pori Moni started out her profession with Modeling after passing her better Secondary college in 2012. She have worked for lots television dramas which includes 2nd Innings (daily Serial), extraordinary more Bachelor, Nari and Nabanita, Tumar… Continue Reading

गलती से इन हीरोईनो के कैमरे मे दिख गए गुप्त अंग | जानिये इनके बारे में कौन हैं ये और देखिये इनके फोटो |


Bollywood celebes should hold their look , cloths and style. Its additionally depend that who layout their cloths , it will likely be a part of gossip. but sometime they may face the hassle of cloth cabinet malfunction. Media additionally… Continue Reading

जानिये उन बॉलीवुड अदाकाराओं के बारे में जिनके स्तन है सबसे भारी


Bollywood actress are geared up to expose their body each time. however some actress are showing some thing with outdoing whatever. these 7 actress have what , what different actress don’t have. Gods present heavy Boobs. some actressstrive very difficult… Continue Reading


How to Use Reliance Jio Sim in 3G Phone Without 4G Device

Jio sim 3g phone trick

How to Use Reliance Jio Sim in 3G Phone Without 4G Device So friends as you all know that Reliance has launched its Jio sim. Jio is offering unlimited 4g data with unlimited calling within country. today I will tell you How… Continue Reading



Apple iPhone 7 - Full phone specifications

APPLE iPHONE 7  Apple iPhone 7 – Full phone specifications  Apple iPhone 7 – Full phone specifications LAUNCH  september 2016, Available september 2016 DISPLAY SCREEN : 4.7 inch, LED Backlit, 16M colors, Capacitive Display PROTECTION: Ion-strengthened glass, oleophobic coating RESOLUTION: 750 x 1334 pixels… Continue Reading


Iphone 7 hands-on Review, Price and features


Apple iphone 7 Review Apple iphone 7 Review. What is new with Apple iphone 7 ? Similar look but no headphone jack. From one perspective, it’s currently instilled with far prevalent sonic execution, a vastly improved camera and a more wonderful… Continue Reading


Samsung Galaxy S8 may ditch the flat screen for good. Now curved screen will be your choice.


Samsung Mobile President Dong-jin Koh told The Korea Herald, “Samsung has considered that it would make the edge show the personality of the Galaxy S cell phone lineup.” Reading between the lines this sounds like Samsung might be going to… Continue Reading


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features, review

img source: techradar.com

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a phone that is intended for a particular client base: the individuals who need a bigger screen however are wanting a stylus as well. This shouldn’t imply that others won’t not get some advantage… Continue Reading